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Titan Research Group holds a valid Certificate of Authorization from the Professional Engineers of Ontario, and employs licensed professional engineers. We are also members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.



Company Background

Titan Research Group (TRG) is a private company with diverse expertise and knowledge in the fields of market expansion, engineering & market research. TRG has extensive experience working with leading multinational engineering and manufacturing companies, providing effective and efficient industry solutions to our clients around the globe.

Our Values

Titan Research Group understands the competitive nature of the manufacturing industry. We work with industry leaders, in confidence, to provide catered solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our approach is to put our customer first by extending maximum value to and striving to exceed customer expectations. We build our relationship with every customer on the foundation of integrity and trustworthiness. Our innovative spirit coupled with critical analytical and technical expertise reflect the hallmark characteristics of engineering excellence.

Our Goal of Continual Improvement

Staying competitive requires continual improvement in a constantly evolving marketplace.  A critical factor contributing to improvement is acquisition of knowledge and expertise.   Titan Research Group’s  goal is to transfer our project & task specific knowledge and expertise to our clientele so that the benefits of our services extend beyond a particular project or task.