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Brochure on CRNs

Canadian regulations require a valid Canadian Registration Number (CRN number) for most pressure equipment, fittings, piping systems, pressure vessels & boilers operating over 15 psi (1 bar).

Who makes pressure equipment legal?
CRNs are issued exclusively by authorized safety authorities (regulators), or their designates, and are specific to a province & territory & consist of alpha-numeric digits that are specific to whether the CRN number is for a pressure vessel, boiler, piping system, or fitting. Prior to constructing any piping system design, all fittings relevant to the regulated pressure boundary that are intended for use in the design must also have a CRN issued to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

What is a fitting?
Canada a fitting is defined as a wide array of pressure appurtenances from elbows and tees, to sight glass, level and pressure measurement devices, strainers, small vessels, and the like.

Can anybody obtain a CRN?
Obtaining a CRN is not necessarily trivial. First, all the manufacturer requires, at minimum, a valid QA system that has been audited by a 3rd party acceptable to the safety authority in the province of application. Not all safety authorities accept all QA systems. ASME & ISO 9001 is the most widely accepted QA systems. In addition, depending upon the code or standard to which a design is made, the application process can involve extensive destructive burst testing, finite element analysis, and/or code calculations in order to establish the pressure design safety. Responsibility for establishing pressure design safety rests with the applicant and regulators do not (and should not) conduct testing or calculation work. Notwithstanding regulatory specific guidelines, newsletters, director’s orders, minister’s orders etc, the Technical Standards and Safety Act 2000, province and territory specific Acts and regulations, and the CSA B51 Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Code outline numerous details and exemptions from registration.