Alberta Boiler Safety Authority

Alberta Boilers Safety Association is a not-for-profit fiscally independent appointed regulator of pressure equipment for the province of Alberta.   The following are some of the documents essential to understand before constructing or selling any non-exempt pressure equipment or systems in Alberta.  These documents contain some information on applicability of regulations and exemptions. Alberta Boilers Safety Association makes its mandatory acts and regulations available to download for a fee, but viewable for free.  The structure of the regulatory documents in Alberta is significantly more complex than Ontario’s, for example, so careful examination of said ABSA documentation is highly recommended.  Here are links:

Act: Safety Codes Act


Pressure Equipment Exemption Order AR 56/2006,

Guide to PEEO AB-529

Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation AR 49/2006

AB-516 Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (PESR) User Guide

Consult the act, regulations and codes section of the Alberta Boilers Safety Association website for more comprehensive and up-to-date information.

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