Our Results

B&B Consulting has worked across the border with TRG to assist manufacturers to comply to the standards that most modern products have to meet such as:

  • US Certification
  • Canadian Certification
  • ATEX Certification
  • IECEX Certification
  • NSF Certification

TRG works with B&B Consulting to assist in getting your product(s) evaluated and approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). and/or Notified Body (NoBo.), safety authorities and others. B&B Consulting has teamed up with TRG to provide non-NRTL testing associated with many facets of the above standards our of TRG’s lab affiliates in Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

Agencies B&B Works With:

  • NSF
  • UL
  • FM Approvals
  • CSA Group.

    B&B provides end-to-end services such as end-of line production tests for factory/product audits done periodically, internal audit preparation, paperwork desk audits etc. B&B Consulting works with manufacturers to train and/or perform periodic audits and to assist to resolve non-conformances that may occur. If components are changed there may be follow-up tests required or reports to be modified.

Shanghai SICE Inspection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd has worked with TRG for over 3 years. Sice is a leading product certification and testing service company in China. Sice’s service scope covers machinery, pressure equipment, photovoltaic modules and their components, solar water heaters, lithium batteries and other major fields. Sice provides product certification and testing services, and provides companies with related products such as IEC & ISO, Europe, Russia and South Africa. Training and consulting services. As a leading technical service provider in the industry, we have the responsibility to help export companies understand the product-related requirements of the target market and ensure product quality, safety and operability when entering the international market. SICE has been an invaluable partner in China helping with full process audits and QA tracking from the point of raw material arrival to final production, packaging, local transport and shipping, Sice has had our back for years and ensures high quality, undamaged, and authentic goods are delivered, every time.