End-to-End Quality Assurance

What is end-to-end QA?

Ever watched a casting get poured from molten steel?  How about a 4:00am ship launch with that same casting secured to the bow?  TRG and its partner company SICE have watched products from start to finish, many many times, batch testing, designing and conducting well documented factory acceptance tests (FAT) at every phase of production, ensured packaging compliance to destination country laws, and guided delivery from factory to port and port to ship.  We even provide full logistics support.  Guardian angels?  Think of us as your eyes and ears on the ground in China ensuring a total end-to-end Quality Assurance.

Follow this link to see some examples of our QA inspection and Factory acceptance testing.

We Set up a QA Systems

Writing your own QA system can be like watching paint dry.  Let us share with you the appropriate boiler plate system, make it your own with considerations of your company’s management and way of doing those special things that you do for others.  We are here to make this easy. Give us a call or contact on the contact page.

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Titan Research Group provides end-to-end QA services that helps ensure your products are of the highest quality before they reach your customers. With our experienced team of testers, we can tailor a testing plan to fit your specific needs and help you avoid potential problems down the road.

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