Design Engineering

Service Sectors

Titan Research Group is a leader in engineering spanning a wide range of sectors including: Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining and Minerals, Forestry, Drinking Water and Waste Water, Aggregates and Cement, Food, Beverage and Pharmaceuticals, as well as general industry & manufacturing such as the automotive, packaging, support industries and the like.

Engineering Services 

In addition to our CRN engineering services the following engineering capabilities are offered:

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Automation engineering

Profitable control is the hallmark of excellent control system design for production.  Using the latest proven technologies & interfaces, Titan Research Group has the capability to develop system architecture solutions & to select hardware and to develop programming to suite the most challenging automation projects.

Our automation engineering capabilities include:

  • Automation planning & consultation
  • Requirements identification
  • Schematic, fieldbus network & panel documentation supply
  • SCADA & PLC design
  • Relay logic engineering
  • Instrumentation & measurement system specification
  • Hardware, database & software design
  • User interface design

Process engineering

Titan Research Group provides output-focused, sustainable, safe and economical process solutions.  We believe that high return on investment and exceptional safety design go hand in hand.

The following process engineering capabilities include:

  • Packaging engineering
  • Skid system & module design
  • HAZOP analysis & risk assessment
  • Equipment specification
  • Process design & scaling
  • System ergonomic reviews

Project Management

Titan Research Group is a fully integrated service provider specializing in engineering, design, construction, and smart manufacturing. Deeply rooted in EAC services, TRG serves both domestic and international customers across our core markets: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Automotive, Distribution, Oil and Gas, Specialized manufacturing, Mission Critical/Data Centers, and Commercial.

Our global reach permits TRG to mitigate code engineering matters well ahead of their critical point in the project plan, and to find the most appropriate suppliers of the equipment and installation teams available.

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