Bioprocessing Supply

Bioprocessing Supply Experience

Bioprocessing Supply – Biosafety is key.  At Titan Research Group we employ highly skilled and experienced experts in bioprocessing systems. Having worked with many different systems, our capabilities include:

  • Specification of the system
  • Designing the appropriate solution whether a new systems or a rebuild/retrofit
  • Project management
  • Managing the handling of materials to ensure quality assurance without incidence
  • Regulatory compliance oversight & liaison

Titan Research Group is an active member of the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard committee, and a regular contributor to ASME B31.3 Process Piping code committee activities, in addition to activity with the ASME Section VIII committee.

Quality control

We comply with the stringent traceability and procedural documentation requirements of bioprocessing supply systems design and achieve this in three steps:

  1. Test and qualify the physical installation.
  2. Test and qualify the compliance of the control system and the operational functionality of the system.
  3. Test and validate the quality of the clean utility thoroughly.

The highly knowledgeable engineers & consultants at Titan Research Group will support your project throughout the qualification process from developing the protocols and test plans to testing and finalizing the qualification reports.

Core competency

TRG offers a range of competencies covering most pharmaceutical process systems & equipment, including critical utilities clean steam, sterile air, clean gasses, washers, autoclaves, CIP/ SIP, fermentors, filters, filling lines, packing lines, etc.

Equipment offering

Bioprocessing Supply – The bioprocessing equipment supply chain and the availability of options is broad, as covered by the only party by standards such as ASME Bioprocessing Equipment, EHEDG & 3-A.  As a solutions provider and equipment supplier, Titan Research Group has cultivated a wide range of high-quality supply-chain relationships that cover the equipment demands of most systems and go beyond standardized equipment to custom designed and built items.  Through TRG’s unique involvement in the area of regulatory compliance and code and standard development, we possess the confidence an experience to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements towards low-risk, on-time, cost-effective supply solutions.