Management Consulting

Our Scope

Titan Research Group provides industry counsel, advice and actionable expertise in specialized areas such as strategy, governance, reorganizations, organization design, strategic leadership, operations, finance, risk management, digital transformation, information technology, organizational change management, and human resource optimization.

Our Reach

TRG has helped some of the largest engineering and manufacturing companies in the world manage projects large and small toward re-organizing in a functional manner in order that construction can continue and jobs are not lost or jeopardized.

Case Study

The factory was under construction, all the equipment was delivered and sitting in the newly constructed factory floor waiting to be installed. This was the situation for over 4 months, a stalemate between the owner’s inspector and the installation and project management contractor.  The QMS (quality management system) was simply inadequate and the personalities involved were not accustomed with building a dog food factory.

Titan Research Group deployed its lead manager to the job. The air was blue with back and forth accusations almost to the point of violence.  However, at the heart of the issue was some fundamental understanding of regulations that applied to this build.  After a day the clarifications were made by TRG as to the regulatory meanings. All parties could see it in black and white, and after some persuasion, even the cantankerous owner’s inspector saw the light.  All demands were dropped, and the job completed without another hitch.