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Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN)

Canadian regulations require a valid Canadian Registration Number (CRN number) for most pressure equipment, fittings, piping systems, pressure vessels & boilers operating over 15 psi (1 bar).

For over a decade Titan Research Group has helped leading global engineering & manufacturing companies with CRN applications.

Pressure Equipment Registration

The Canadian Registration Number application & renewal process can be complex.

A well informed & strategically planned CRN application of any pressure equipment design can lead to rapid approval from any of the 13 provinces or territories individually.

TRG strives to ensure that your application strategy best suites your company’s objectives, whether that means quick approval, low cost, strategic roll-out, easy renewal, fast system start up for quick payback periods, or all of the above. You’ve come this far with your design, and TRG will help you take it across the finish line.

CRN services TRG provides:

  • Code Calculations for any pressure boundary (fittings, vessels, boilers, piping systems etc.)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • NB AI Witnessed proof testing in a certified laboratory
  • Turn-key CRN project management from factory builds to skid systems to fitting product lines
  • CRN Application documentation completion for any jurisdiction
  • Follow up support with safety authority questions
  • Mitigate the diverse jurisdictional requirements. See our CRN map