Expert CRN help

Canadian Registration Number (CRN)

Canadian regulations require a valid Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for most pressure equipment, fittings, piping systems, pressure vessels & boilers operating over 15 psi (1 bar). Some exemptions apply.

For over a TEN YEARS Titan Research Group has helped leading global engineering & manufacturing companies with CRN applications.

We provide:

  • Code Calculations
  • Witnessed proof testing
  • CRN project management
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Application documentation preparation

The CRN application & renewal process can be complex, and depending upon the type of pressure equipment, registration may require witnessed burst-testing and/or extensive American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code calculations. A well informed & strategically planned application for your part or product line can lead to rapid approval and easy renewal down the road.


We stay on top of things

Titan Research Group staff attend ASME code and standard committee meetings regularly & stay abreast of the latest pressure law, regulation updates, director’s orders, minister’s orders, safety authority news, and code adoption documents. Titan Research Group also acts as a Canadian delegate for the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard committee, with bioprocessing projects and contacts across North America.

We make the CRN process look easy

In addition to engineering tests and calculations, applicants for CRN need to submit province & territory specific documentation when applying. Titan Research Group will help you prepare all the necessary application paper work and provide specific instructions. We will track your project and support it to its completion.