Railway Safety Help

Railway Safety Certification

Titan Research Group provides services in the field of certification of equipment and systems such as: rolling stock, traction systems, signaling systems, on board units, safety systems, and other guideway equipment for mass transit, people mover and commuter rail systems.

Titan Research Group is affiliated with a network of qualified testing facilities to provide mechanical, electrical and safety analysis of rolling stock and guideway equipment to look at critical parts of rail vehicles such as couplers, doors, axles and spindles, wheels, bogies, shock absorbers, traction equipment, vehicle on-board controllers and sensors, and of guideway equipment such as rails, welds, turn outs, crossings, signaling systems, power transformers, electrical power substations, on board units, etc.

Titan Research Group staff have extensive experience in the design, qualification, installation, testing and commissioning of modern driverless moving block train control technologies, and architectures such as ERTMS.  Consideration of hazard analysis methodologies, IEC 61508 Functional Safety standards, and local, regional, and federal Acts, regulations, and safety requirements.

Inspection and Certification of the above includes:

  • Type approval of equipment and systems
  • Empirical testing (shock, vibration, accelerated environmental)
  • Local and regional parts sourcing
  • Hazard analysis and functional safety review of systems and elements
  • Signaling system installation design for various guideway types
  • Rolling stock evaluations, and modifications for specialized applications
  • Other services