Refrigeration CRN exemptions

Registration Exemptions for Refrigeration piping

This is a brief summary of the exemptions across Canada as far as is possible to discern. When in doubt ask a regulator.  For a discussion of other exemptions and regulations links please see our blog Refrigeration CRN & U.S.A. Pressure Law.


Ontario: 0.REG.220 paragraph (2) “(i) a refrigeration piping that has a capacity of three tons (11 kW) or less of refrigeration;”

Newfoundland & Labrador: Regulation 119/96 Paragraph 32  “(c) refrigeration plants that do not exceed 75 kilowatts or 450 kilowatts in the case of group A1 refrigerants;”

Alberta: PESR AR 49/2006 does not provide exemption data specifically for refrigeration, and at the time of writing it seems that ABSA has full discretion as to exemptions.  However one exemption does exist, namely “(6) Despite subsections (1) and (2), the following are exempt from the requirement to have the design registered by the Administrator or a safety codes officer: (a)  a pressure piping system having an aggregate internal volume not exceeding 500 litres”. When in doubt contact a safety codes officer.

Manitoba: C.C.S.M. c. S210 The Steam and Pressure Plants Act paragraph does not provide exemption data regarding refrigeration specifically, and at the time of writing it seems that the Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba has full discretion as to exemptions. The main exemption is that of piping systems per the following two charts: Volume calculator Chart & Flow Chart for Installation of Piping Systems. Another exemption is that of certain categories of fittings that was recently issued and is per the following Exemption from Registration Requirements.

Saskatchewan: The Technical Safety authority of Saskatchewan has a decent flowchart that was recently published and look at the last page regarding skid systems. When in doubt contact a safety codes officer.

Quebec: Regulation respecting pressure vessels Chapter A-20.01, ss. 27 and 28 paragraph 2 illustrates exemptions however we could find no specific exemptions for pneumatic fittings or piping.

Yukon: Yukonparagraph 2 (2) “(h) any pressure piping system and machinery and equipment ancillary thereto by which refrigerants are vaporized, compressed and liquified in the refrigerating cycle and that has a capacity of 10.5 kilowatts or less;”.

North West Territories: Boiler & Pressure Vessels Act R.S.N.W.T 1988, c.B-2 pragraph 5 (3) “(d)  a refrigeration plant not exceeding 10.5 kW;”

Nunavut: Boilers and Pressure Vessels Regulations R-006-93 5 (3) “(d)  a refrigeration plant not exceeding 10.5 kW;”. It would appear that Nunavut is using the North West Territory Act as a regulation. See their website.

British Columbia: Safety Standards Act POWER ENGINEERS, BOILER, PRESSURE VESSEL AND REFRIGERATION SAFETY REGULATION paragraph 3 (2)” (j) a refrigeration plant with a capacity of less than 5 kW prime mover nameplate rating;”

Prince Edward Island: Boiler and Pressure Vessels Act R.S.N.W.T 1988, c.B-2 paragraph 2 (1) “(d) a refrigeration plant having a capacity of 11 kW or less of refrigeration in 24 hours.”

Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Boiler and Pressure Equipment Regulations made under Section 49 of the Technical Safety Act S.N.S. 2008, c. 10 O.I.C. 2011-27 (January 18, 2011, effective April 1, 2011), N.S. Reg. 10/2011   paragraph 4 (1) “(h) a refrigeration plant that has a common, connected refrigerant with a maximum output capacity within a 24-hour period of 11 kW (3 tons) or less;”

New Brunswick: Regulation 84-174 does not appear to mention specific exemptions for refrigeration CRN piping.

Finally, CSA B51  para. 5.2 makes a statement on exemptions of certain refrigeration systems in the following. Note that local jurisdictional regulations always trump CSA B51 unless otherwise stated: