Success Story: DCI INC.

A high purity tank company crosses borders to meet Canada’s stringent regulatory requirements

Biopharmaceutical engineering is a highly regulated space. Way before DCI Inc was awarded a large scale portion of the
Sanofi Pasteur vaccine storage facility expansion project in Toronto, Ontario, contacted Titan Research Group (TRG). TRG assisted DCI pre-tender by making accurate cost projections and transferring its know-how about regulatory pitfalls and scheduling possibilities to DCI which mitigated DCI’s risk.

Furthermore, TRG’s experienced mechanical engineering staff highlighted the need for all of DCI’s vendors as well as its final fabricators to apply for design approvals. These design approvals, called Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs), are obtained through the Ontario safety authority, an organization both unconnected to the work and unbound to any program schedule or liquidated
damages. This uncoupled relationship of the regulator to the project is a relationship TRG specializes in coupling and harmonizing

When DCI Inc. Eventually won its bid to become the key storage tank supplier to the Sanofi project it stuck with TRG throughout, relying upon not only TRG’s engineering and regulatory expertise but on
its transfer of know-how to the front-line staff. TRG’s approach transfers knowledge and inevitably puts more eyes and ears on any given project to mitigate any potential risk before it becomes a reality.


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